MIDCOM  –  MAGHREB  INVESTMENT  AND  DEVELOPMENT  AND  COMMERCIAL  COMPANY is  an  international  trading  company  of  Import  Export  founded  in  2005  under  the  status  of  a limited liability company  »SARL », and under the customs of society  »resident » totally exporting Tunisian nationality .
The company explored many international markets in middle east , Africa , Europe and America and  has  improved  his  staff  experience  in  trading  at  MIDCOM  our  target  is  to  provide  ourcustomers full satisfaction dealing with us and to be their reliable partner in Tunisia .

Aware  of  market  dynamics,  we  never  hesitate  to  enrich  our  product  line  and  invest  in  the commercialization of new articles on our customers’ needs while hoping  that our society will be  one  of  the  trading  companies more  responsive  and  serious in  the  professional  sphere  of imports and exports.