The Outstanding southern Tunisia is, par excellence, the domain of palm groves. Millions of palm trees

are grown around Chott El Jerid (a dried inland sea) in the renowned Oasis of Tozeur and Nafta.
In this area, the palm tree is sovereign in all its majesty. This blessed tree rises high to several tens
of meters and provides us, at the end of every autumn, with a unique exotic fruit, the date, falling in
dozens of varieties around world. However, the most eminent and most sought is indubitably “Deglet
Nour”, meaning “Date of light.”
This queen of dates is renowned for its translucent texture which enables us to see, in the light, its
core and owes its reputation to the softness of its pulp with a honey-like taste.
Deglet Nour is grown mainly in Tunisia and exported all over the world.
The incomparable nutritional qualities of the Tunisian dates have been acknowledged for thousands
of years: this fruit blessed by Gods is very rich in minerals and iron, and contains, as well, fibers and
assimilated sugars.
Its sweetness matches well with the milk taste, and this association provides a healthy meal, complete
and balanced.
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