The Outstanding southern Tunisia is, par excellence, the domain of palm groves. Millions of palm trees

are grown around Chott El Jerid (a dried inland sea) in the renowned Oasis of Tozeur and Nafta.
In this area, the palm tree is sovereign in all its majesty. This blessed tree rises high to several tens
of meters and provides us, at the end of every autumn, with a unique exotic fruit, the date, falling in
dozens of varieties around world. However, the most eminent and most sought is indubitably “Deglet
Nour”, meaning “Date of light.”
This queen of dates is renowned for its translucent texture which enables us to see, in the light, its
core and owes its reputation to the softness of its pulp with a honey-like taste.
Deglet Nour is grown mainly in Tunisia and exported all over the world.

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Couscous, the most popular dish from Tunisia and North Africa, is now appreciated in several
country’s .
Historical origin of couscous is in North African , Indeed, archaeological evidence dating back to the
9th Century and consisting of kitchen utensil needed to prepare this dish was found in this part of the
Now a dish of international renown, couscous is the ambassador of North African cuisine and the
epitome of the delicacy of Tunisia culinary art. With its rich tradition, couscous remains one of the most
attractive and mysterious dishes in the world .
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The delicious Tunisian sun dried tomatoes are produced at the north eastern area of Tunisia .
At the end of July, the weather is hot and settled enough for sun drying. This period lasts through
August until mid September. The fresh tomatoes are harvested, inspected, washed, cut and lay out by
hand on special plastic sheeting.
The dried tomatoes are then bagged in Cartons of 10 KG and transported to chillers where they are
stored at less than 5°C to help preserve the color.
This highly controlled method of production ensures the finest quality sun dried tomatoes available ,
Our main goal is the customer satisfaction for long term partnerships.
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Tunisia has a long history of olive production and processing that goes back thousands of years ago
when ancient CARTHAGE civilization produced olives and olive oil for cooking, lighting, cosmetics,
medicine and embalming. Building on this long agricultural history, generations of accumulated
knowledge and a willingness to adopt modern technologies, Tunisia has become a competitive
producer of commercial olive products. The past several decades, in particular, have witnessed a
renaissance of the Tunisian olive industry with unprecedented development in both production and
processing of olives for domestic and export markets. Today, Tunisia is one the world’s leading
producers of table olives as well as a growing supplier of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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