The delicious Tunisian sun dried tomatoes are produced at the north eastern area of Tunisia .
At the end of July, the weather is hot and settled enough for sun drying. This period lasts through
August until mid September. The fresh tomatoes are harvested, inspected, washed, cut and lay out by
hand on special plastic sheeting.
The dried tomatoes are then bagged in Cartons of 10 KG and transported to chillers where they are
stored at less than 5°C to help preserve the color.
This highly controlled method of production ensures the finest quality sun dried tomatoes available ,
Our main goal is the customer satisfaction for long term partnerships.
At MIDCOM NTERNATIONAL we have ambitious vision to supply the world with high-quality, natural
and healthy products. MIDCOM INTERNATIONAL unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted
in the company’s growth which offers quality sundried tomatoe at competitive price .